Tips How to Outsmart The Time

The reason why manage time becomes very important, because life is itself dynamic, any such activities either in work or anything.

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Wiwit, a private worker slowly walked. But time is passing from the incoming clock 10 minutes of work. Apparently last night, after college continued working on assignments and group work until late at night. In Office are also currently Wiwit highlights sharp because her attendance slowly that continues to slump.

It is undeniable, probably many other workers, or even in our own Office to meet people like Wiwit, a worker at the same time students. What if we are in that position? How to save both? work and college. Or even the fact that we are only as workers but often the 'run out' time, because it could not manage it properly.

Call it time management, a way that can be done to balance the time to be actively taking part in a more controlled manner between work, study, relax and rest. When can balance time, then the result is the concentration will increase, productivity will increase, and your stress level will be reduced.

The reason why manage time becomes very important, because life is itself dynamic, any such activities either in work or anything. All moving towards more and more, the arrival of a new job, new tasks, new responsibilities and things that other priority makes us obliged to 'outsmart' time.

In fact, the key to managing time is planning. Without which it will not achieve optimal management of time. Promised to yourself to better planned, more organized and focused, make it a habit not to deliberately delay things.

From a variety of literature and learning materials training time management to ever hit the author, here are some tips that can be used as a pattern if we manage time.

  1. Have a list of things to do. This list should contain the daily activities, tasks that have to be fulfilled within a specified time or it could be is routine. Should all the things listed here must be already listed when the completion and deadline. Do not think of this first things lightly, careful planning is the key, with which you can control your own time.

  2. Identify the priority. Do the scale of priorities, see where the main ones which are not. In fact, the most important task must be in the highest caste in the list. It could also use pareto principle, i.e. the success of as much as 80% taken by doing 20% of the business or other activities. That is, don't overlook the large tasks with the fight for the small things and the end result is not how.

  3. Dare to say NO. Occasionally say NO on the task or activity that does not can we do. For example, in the middle of the task then there is call-watch movie together, say "no, I'm there." Manage it where to do which are not.

  4. Know when to time productive. It goes without saying if the performance is not the same every time, there is a mood of playing there. Surely there are times we are more productive while on the other hand is a time of declining productivity. Find your best time to do the things that fit. Or if need to wake the mood you are in, find what could be mood booster.

  5. There is no something perfect. No ivory that is not cracked, then do not cope without pause or even without end in favor of the pursuit of perfection that you own. Complete the course there, or it could leave for a moment and then turned back to do it later after doing other activities.

  6. Should not delay. If still had time, then don't delay anymore, do! Short time related, in fact often pressed for time when someone is being very flexible in doing something. The power of kepepet.

  7. Care about yourself. All to-do tasks and activities have been organized, the scale of priorities have also been made. Now's the time remember yourself, include the events of fun and time off for yourself. There you make sure really quit noisy low bustle, its time to recharge your energy and thoughts in order to afterwards revived. Because enough rest is an award for yourself after an exhausting work and prays.

Hopefully with time, Outsmart our performance became more productive.