70 Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation

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1. 70 E I Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation 122 Financial Management IDR 5.150.000 FORENSIC ACCOUNTING & FRAUD INVESTIGATION Business develops rapidly, so does fraud. Business profes - sionals should understand why fraud occurs in their company so they could decide what is the best thing to do. Internal and External Auditor Risk Manager Other business professional Fraud in business environment Financial Basic Accounting The entities Fundamental principles of analysis The role of the accounting professionals Business as a victim Business villain The investigative process Interviewing witness Proofing cases through documentary evidence Analysis tools for investigator Understand fraud in business environment Identify the fraudster, victim and witness, and fraud investigation Understand the basic concepts of analysis Use software in analyzing investigation data Problems To Be Addressed Objectives Having attended this program, the participants Are expected to be able to : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Subjects Covered Who Should Attend Bisnis berkembang pesat, begitu juga fraud . Profesional Bisnis perlu memahami mengapa fraud bisa terjadi di organisasinya agar dapat memutuskan tindakan yang paling tepat jika mengetahui atau mencugai adanya fraud . Fraud di lingkungan bisnis Akuntansi keuangan dasar Bentuk-bentuk perusahaan Prinsip-prinsip dasar analisis Peran akuntansi dalam organisasi Bisnis sebagai korban Peranan penjahat dalam bisnis Proses investigasi Wawancara saksi Pembuktian kasus Perangkat analisis untuk melakukan investigasi . . . Auditor Internal dan Eksternal Manajer Resiko Profesional bisnis lainya Memahami fraud di lingkungan bisnis Mengidentifikasi pelaku, korban, saksi, invetigasi dan pembuktian Memahami prinsip-prinsip dasar analisis Menggunakan perangkat lunak untuk analisis data investigasi Menjawab Masalah Apa . . . . Apa Saja Yang Dibahas Siapa Yang Perlu Ikut Manfaat Apa Yang Anda Peroleh Setelah selesai mengikuti program ini, peserta diharapkan mampu:


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